Internship Opportunity (stage conventionné)

Would you like to gain experience in a diverse and unique field, doing something that makes a real difference in a demanding, efficient, rewarding (we encourage initiative-taking and decision-making) yet flexible and human environment, with real autonomy (both teleworking and working on a part-time basis are possible)?

You enjoy and are comfortable working and learning in a highly innovative work environment using the latest technologies.

You are an autonomous, serious, punctual, persistent and patient. You are self-confident but capable of questioning your decisions and actions where appropriate. You are detail-oriented, not perfectionist, but always striving for excellence, and constantly looking to improve. You are resourceful. You like taking the initiative. You are continually looking for the best ways to improve yourself and help those around you. You identify strongly with Bertrand Mariaux Avocats’s core mission of bringing as much value as possible to the world in our field of expertise and beyond.

This is not compulsory, but you may email your CV and/or cover letter to

For greater efficiency, you may also contact us (or Bertrand individually) through any form of social medias instant messaging (see links at the bottom of this page). We may be very busy, so feel free to send several messages and ask us again about your application. Also please do not hesitate to apply again in the future, even if you did not initially receive a favourable response (or no response at all). This will demonstrate your determination and motivation to be willing to work with Bertrand Mariaux Avocats.

Your CV is not your most important asset! We prefer someone who either already has the qualities mentioned above or is seeking to acquire and maintain them.

We look forward to working with you.

Bertrand Mariaux,

Avocat aux barreaux de Luxembourg et de Paris